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Spaceman Pros and Cons

  • High RTP: With a theoretical RTP of 96.5%, Spaceman offers a fair chance of winning compared to many other online slots.
  • Engaging Theme: The space exploration theme, combined with vibrant graphics, creates an immersive gaming experience.
  • Provably Fair: The game employs provably fair mechanics, allowing players to verify the fairness of each game round.
  • Social Interaction: The chat feature enables players to interact with each other, enhancing the overall experience.
  • Auto Cash Out Options: These options help players manage their gameplay strategy more effectively.
  • High Risk: The crash mechanic means that players can lose their bet if they don’t cash out in time, adding a significant element of risk.
  • No Traditional Bonus Game: Players who enjoy traditional bonus games might find this aspect lacking in Spaceman.
  • Requires Discipline: The game’s structure demands a disciplined approach to avoid significant losses, which might not suit all players.

Spaceman Description

A busy scene greets players when Spaceman blasts onto their screens. The game panel displays a night sky full of planets and stars, with a Spaceman resembling Eve from the popular sci-fi genre standing in the middle. Half the time, the astronaut stands around while players make their bets before blasting off during the actual game rounds. Unlike traditional online slots, Spaceman is not a solo venture. Instead, masses of players can join in and simultaneously participate, much like in a live dealer casino game. There’s even a chat box where participants can converse with one another, adding a social element to the game.

The UI provides several ways to engage with the game, starting with picking a base bet from $/€1 up to $/€100 per game round. Other options include setting auto cashout from 1.01x to 4,999.99x or a 50% auto cashout from 1.01x to 4,999.99x. Running along the bottom of the screen is a line of past results, while at the top right corner can be found links to rules and game information. With no artificial volatility, Spaceman comes with a theoretical RTP (Return to Player) of 96.5%. The game employs provably fair mechanics, allowing players familiar with the SHA-256 algorithm to check the decrypted strings revealed after each game round if they choose.

Spaceman Theme

Spaceman’s theme is centered around space exploration, a fitting and exciting backdrop for a crash game. The night sky, adorned with stars and planets, creates an immersive atmosphere. The main character, a Spaceman, adds a touch of personality and intrigue as he prepares for his space journey during each game round. This cosmic theme, combined with vibrant graphics and engaging animations, makes the game visually appealing and enhances the overall gaming experience.

Spaceman Mechanics

Spaceman functions similarly to other crash games like The Incredible Balloon Machine or Golden Hook by Crazy Tooth Studio. Once you’ve set your stake, clicking ‘Confirm Bet’ enters you into the next game round. During the game round, the Spaceman blasts off, and an increasing multiplier appears next to him. The multiplier continues to rise until the win cap is hit or the game crashes.

When the game round starts, two new buttons appear: Cashout and Cashout 50%. Each one displays rising payout values. If you hit either button before the Spaceman crashes, you collect the respective prize. The difference between the two buttons is that Cashout entirely removes you from the game with your prize, while Cashout 50% means you bank half the bet’s win but remain in the game with the other half, giving you a chance to cash out later at a higher multiplier. If the Spaceman crashes before you have cashed out, you lose the bet. It’s important to note that if the game crashes at x1, everyone loses.

The trick is holding off pressing the button as long as possible, thereby building up a larger reward before crashing out. There is no real art to it, just random luck. This is where the auto cash out options might be helpful. By setting these, players do not have to press the Cashout buttons themselves; the game will do it for them at preset levels.

Spaceman winnings

Spaceman Bonus Game

Spaceman does not feature a traditional bonus game as seen in many online slots. Instead, the core mechanic of the game itself can be considered a form of bonus game. The main thrill comes from the risk and reward of the multiplier increasing as the Spaceman ascends. The potential for a big payout, combined with the risk of the game crashing, provides the adrenaline rush typically associated with bonus games in other slots.

To maximize your winnings, you can use the auto cash out options. Setting these options allows you to focus on strategy rather than timing, as the game will automatically cash out for you at the predetermined multiplier. This can be particularly useful in maintaining a disciplined approach and avoiding the temptation to hold on too long and risk losing everything.

Spaceman Summary

Spaceman is an innovative entry in the world of crash games, brought to you by Pragmatic Play. With its space-themed visuals, engaging gameplay mechanics, and the potential for substantial winnings, it offers a unique and exciting experience for players. The game’s social aspect, where multiple players can join and chat during the game rounds, adds an extra layer of enjoyment.

Our rating 4.8 Ļoti labs Review
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Deposit bonus $3,000

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Established: 2013
License: Kirasao (Curaçao)
Min deposit: 10 USD
Min withdraw: 10 USD
  • Wide selection of slots
  • Many Live casino game tables
  • The website is in Arabic language

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